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Thirsty Dragon - A Book Review

In her book, Thirsty Dragon , Suzanne Mustacich tells the overlapping stories of an interesting group of players as they join China on its 20 year journey into the world of wine. This well-documented saga of China's race to build the infrastructure needed to become one of the superpowers of the wine world collides with Bordeaux's need for buyers in 2009. China's willingness to speculate on wine as an investment combined with their gift giving culture leads to mini-skirted translators  facilitating sales  in Bordeaux and millions of dollars of classified growths sitting in Chinese warehouses. The tale continues with high level corruption in the Chinese government, counterfeiting and fraud. A brief lesson on the economy and the wine regions of China add more background to this story of the "largest government funded drinks tab in history." An interesting and well-researched read for any winelover that should be enjoyed with a generous pour of Bordeaux.

Beyond the Hurricane - Wines for the Mardi Gras Season

As Originally Seen in Galveston Monthly magazine Correction- The Segura Viudas should read: "This affordable sparkling wine..." not Quercetin .  That was an editing error at the magazine.

Red Wine is for Lovers

As originally seen in Galveston Monthly magazine