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VinSanto Wine Bar, Shop, and Bistro brings new Wine Life to Houston's West Side

A world of wine can now be found on Houston's west side. Newly opened VinSanto is located in Memorial Green at 12525 Memorial Drive and brings to the area a wine shop, wine bar, and a bistro menu. Whether a bottle to go is in order or a place to relax with friends to share a meal and a few glasses of vino, VinSanto has it covered. The vibe is casual but a wealth of wine knowledge can be found behind the counter.  VinSanto   is inspired by the European joie de vivre of Certified Sommelier and owner Riccardo Guerrieri, with a focus on making the exploration of the world of wine fun and easy with his co-owner partners, Giorgio Caflisch an Italian Wine Educator and Stephanie Kukutschka, also a Certified Sommelier. Newcomers to wine can find any needed guidance while connoisseurs can enjoy a higher level discourse about the many offerings that VinSanto carries. VinSanto   features exclusively curated selections with something for everyone, including fortified wines, vermouth, sake, beer

Blend into the New Year

As seen in the January 2023 issue of Galveston Monthly magazine. Red wine blends to start the new year. Never unpopular, an editor apparently added that subtitle after submission.