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Vieux Château Certan Grand Vin Pomerol 2005

Vieux Château Certan Grand Vin Pomerol 2005 - Intense aromas of plum and violet dominate this full bodied, dry, rich red along with an earthy touch of mushroom and nuttiness in the long, mouth filling finish. Silky smooth, opulently elegant and very splurge-worthy! My husband purchased this bottle for us for a special occasion under the advice of Bear Dalton, the fine wine buyer at Spec's Liquor Store over a year ago. A series of unfortunate events prevented us from consuming this when planned. We enjoyed it over the holidays with a rotisserie rib-eye roast and immediately went looking for more. Though we were surprised at the youthfulness of this wine, we did seek out a newer vintage that I will be tasting soon, I will let you know how it compares. We were surprised to see that some from this 2005 vintage is still available for just under $300 a bottle in Houston at the downtown Spec's location. Highly recommended for your next extravagant evening at home.

Castello Banfi Il Borgo

As originally seen in the January 2017 issue of  Galveston Monthly magazine