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Sip on a Variety of Value Vino from Spec's

In a collaboration with Bevfluence , several wine writers across the country shopped the $12.99 and under category at the top selling wine shops in their regions to create a budget friendly buying guide for sippers seeking good value vino regardless of their location in the U.S.  My contributions come from Spec’s Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods . The first Spec’s opened in my hometown of Houston in 1962 and has grown into more than 120 store locations across Texas. I shopped at the flagship store at 2410 Smith St and selected 20 bottles which were each priced under $12.99. It was easy to find numerous bottles of interest in the large shop in this price range, although pricing and selection may v ary by location. I picked some wines from classic regions and some from more up and coming areas, as well. These are my top scoring bottles for best quality in this price point. Dibon Cava Brut Rosé - Made from organically grown Grenache grapes, this old world sparkler offers a lot of ban

Valentine Vino from Galveston Monthly

A coup As seen in the February 2021 issue of Galveston Monthly magazine.  This month top picks are two easy to find on the island wines to celebrate Valentines Day this month.