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Tasting Chablis

     Yesterday, I attended a Chablis Training Seminar and Tasting held for wine trade professionals and media. James King, of The Texas Wine School, ran the training sessions for the Burgundy Wine Board in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Houston.

2009 Petit Chablis, La Chablisienne (approximately $15)
Almost clear, watery color. Light body. Crisp acidity. Apple, lemon, bit of salty minerality in finish. Excellent with any savory puff pastries, light seafood or alone, as an aperitif.

2009 Chablis, Domaine Daniel DAMPT et Fils (approximately $18)
Almost clear, watery color. Somewhat closed, less aromatic. Light body. Crisp acidity. Grapefruit.

2009 Chablis Premier Cru-Montmains, Domaine VOCORET et Fils (approximately $22)
Light lemon color with green glints. Ripe pear and buttery aromas and flavors with floral notes and a bit of peach. Medium body. Crisp, yet with a softer mouthfeel. Medium+ length finish. Good with any seafood particularly with a buttery sauce.

2009 Chablis Premier Cru-Mont de Milieu, Domaine SIMMONET-FEBVRE (approximately $20)
Pale straw color. Peach and honey for both aromas and flavors. More aroma/less flavor. Light body. Bit of heat in the finish.

2008 Chablis Grand Cru-Bougros, William Fevre (approximately $80)
Pale gold color with green glints. Low intensity aromas of peach, lime blossom and oak. Full body. Medium acidity. Strong minerality with ripe pear and a bit of vanilla. Long finish. Very promising, needs more age. Good with lobster or shrimp dishes with heavy cream sauce.

2005 Chablis Grand Cru-Grenouilles, La Chablisienne (approximately $90)
Lemon color with pale gold glints. Medium intensity aromas of mushroom, honey and a bit of lightly bruised apple. Full body. Medium acidity. Interesting, needs more age. May be the perfect complement for foie gras or poultry in a creamy mushroom sauce.

To learn more about Chablis wines www.Chablis.Fr 


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