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2009 Saint-Bris Sauvignon Jean Marc Brocard-Domaine Sainte Claire

Saint-Bris is a lesser known communal AOC in the Grand Auxerrois region of Burgundy located southwest from Chablis. What makes it of particular interest is that it makes its white wines from Sauvignon Blanc rather than from the Chardonnay grape for which Burgundy is famous.

2009 Saint-Bris Sauvignon- Domaine Sainte Claire 
Jean Marc Brocard    $18
Appearance: Clear, pale straw color with a watery rim.
Nose: Clean, medium- intensity level of youthful aromas of primarily grapefruit with a bit of grass.
Palate: Dry, medium body/alcohol and medium+ acidity with tart grapefruit flavors.
Finish: Medium- length
Quality: Acceptable

I was expecting a more aromatic wine with more herbaceousness based on what I have read about this region's typicity. Further research may be in order.


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