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2002 Clos des Perrieres Savennieres

Savennieres is located on the north bank of the Loire River, southwest from the city of Angers. It is best known for its small production of Chenin Blanc-based dry white wines. The cool climate helps to preserve Chenin Blanc's naturally high acidity while the slate/sandstone soils add to the mineral character of the wine. The wines are typically very long-lived and can be austere in youth because of the high acidity.

2002 Clos des Perrieres Savennieres     $25 
Appearance: Clear, medium gold color with a watery rim.
Nose: Clean, medium intense, fully-developed aromas of nuts, honey, apricot and a bit of canned mushroom.
Palate: Dry, high acid, medium body and alcohol with flavors of apricot and cashew with a dash of minerality in a long finish.
Very Good/ Drink now, may be at its most charming.

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