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Benoît Cantin 2017 Irancy - On the Wine List

I went in thinking about onion soup or croque madame but then a table near me received their special of the day and I decided to follow their lead.

For Throwback Thursday today, here’s a look at a late lunch at Cafe Rabelais that I enjoyed last month in Rice Village in Houston where this affordable bottle of Bourgogne wine from Irancy was imbibed.

A busy day of shopping led to an unusually large lunch. The wine was so enjoyed, that a few more bottles of this charmer were purchased to take home as well. Café Rabelais has one of the best French wine lists in Houston with excellent choices at every price point and a discount on wines to go.

Irancy is a village in the Grand Auxerrois region of Bourgogne in France. It sits on the right bank of the Yonne river, about ten miles south of Auxerre and southwest of Chablis. The region is known for producing a classic, savory style of Pinot Noir that is a perfect accompaniment to a meaty meal like this one.


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